CyfH® Placemat Set

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Express your taste and dine with sophistication! Every set comprises four premium, waterproof CyfH® placemats, each adorned with a distinctive pattern to introduce that extra special touch. Whether it’s a casual meal or a festive gathering, these placemats bring a personalized flair to any occasion.

Constructed from 100% polyester fabric wide canvas, each placemat is delivered in a set of four. Sized at 45.7cm × 35.5cm (18″ × 14″), they offer ample space for your dining essentials. The front gives your Meal a plus of visual energy, while the water-resistant feature ensures practicality. All sides are expertly hemmed, and the double-layer stitching enhances the overall quality and appearance. Elevate your dining experience with these placemats that seamlessly blend style and functionality.

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