CyfH® Slipper

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These shoes feature an upper made of 100% polyester canvas, ensuring durability and style. The outsole is constructed from Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate (EVA) rubber for comfort and traction. You’ll find our brand prominently displayed on the box, insole, and tongue of the shoe. The interior offers breathability with its soft lining and cushioned insole. Elastic side accents provide added convenience and style. Additionally, the shoe boasts a padded collar and tongue for extra comfort. Please note that the shoe’s brand box serves as its primary packaging, and minor dents and scratches may be present. Lastly, our shoes adhere to standard US sizing.

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35,5, 36, 36,5, 37, 37,5, 38, 38,5, 39, 40, 40,5, 41, 42, 42,5, 43, 44, 44,5, 45, 46, 46,5, 47, 47,5


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