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These shoes feature an ultralight Flyknit upper made from 100% polyester, ensuring a lightweight and breathable experience. The outsole is crafted from Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate (EVA) rubber for a comfortable and sturdy sole. The shoes also have a breathable lining, a soft insole, and a padded collar, ensuring all-day comfort. They come with white laces for a classic look. Please note that due to darker color prints, the white base of the shoes may be more pronounced. Fine lines in the design may appear blurred or uneven. When the product arrives, there may be a strong adhesive smell, but this will dissipate after a few days of airing. Please be aware that the brand shoebox serves as the primary packaging for these shoes, so there may be minor scratches or dents due to transportation. Also, note that our shoes are set to standard US sizes for reference.

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35,5, 36, 36,5, 37,5, 38, 38,5, 39, 40, 40,5, 41, 42, 42,5, 43, 44, 44,5, 45, 46, 46,5, 47, 47,5


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